Exploring power peak shaving

Take part of the new open innovation call, exploring power peak shaving as an enabler for future resilient neighbourhoods.

For decades the focus in energy system transformation has been on lowering the demand for energy and increasing the energy efficiency performance. While this is extremely important, the latest years lack of power capacity in the Malmö region in Sweden has been an eye-opener for the importance of also actively looking into solutions that can shave peak electricity demands.

In cities or neighbourhoods with inflexible or insufficient power grid and lack of enough locally produced energy sources, power peaks can have unwanted effects for people living and companies operating there. The aim of this call is therefore to identify various ways to shave power peaks at a local city district level.

Read more about the call, and register here!

The competition is an Open Innovation Process open for everyone who wants to share their ideas on how to meet the challenge of power peaks in future resilient neighbourhoods in accordance with the conditions of this call. The call ends with an Open Innovation Day on December 5th in Malmö, where the winner is presented.


Julia Fryklund  

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