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"Last weekend me, Veini Simolin and my dear friend Omar El Daghar attended the Open Innovation Day for the 2030 Agenda Open Innovation call." - læs en af deltagerne fra sidste uges Open Innovation i Malmø beskrive, hvordan det var at deltage ved eventen.

Malmø inviterede i sidste uge i samarbejde med Smart Cities Accelerator, Inter-Reg og Climate-KIC til Open Innovation fredag den 16. november på Malmøs Form/Design Center.

I alt fem finalister fra Danmark, Sverige og Finland beskrev nye, innovative værktøjer til at inddrage skoleelever i arbejdet med de globale udviklingsmål, og her beskriver en af deltagerne oplevelsen.

“Last weekend me, Veini Simolin and my dear friend Omar El Daghar attended the Open Innovation Day for the 2030 Agenda Open Innovation call. We arrived in beautiful Malmö in the afternoon of the day prior to the event, on thursday. We checked into our hotel, got some food and spent the early evening walking around the city centre. But we knew that soon we would have to start finishing up our presentation, and rehershing, which we continued to do well into the night, not that I could have slept anyways. We had an exciting day coming up.

We woke up early in the morning and got downstairs to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. I had a big cup of coffee and started to slowly wake up while sitting in the comfortable chairs, watching the city slowly wake up as the sun rose. After breakfast we got back into our room, did a couple final run-throughs of our presentation and dressed for the day.

The event itself was great and the form and design center was a perfect venue and luckily enough it was a short five minute walk away from our hotel too. We had a great time watching all the pitches but as

Veini Simolin and Omar El Daghar attended the Open Innovation Day for the 2030 Agenda Open Innovation call at Malmø

time went on it became harder and harder, at least for me, to concentrate as anticipation was building for our own show. And after the third presentation we were called to the front to perform. The performance itself went fairly well. I feel like we got all the important points across, although i would have liked to have time to elaborate a little on a couple of the points, but all in all i feel like we had a good performance and were able to bring something different to the table.

Unfortunately we did not win, but that is, I believe, beside the point of the entire event, because ahead of us was still the most important part, the networking. We went to lunch to a fantastic Korean restaurant and we got to talk with all the other finalists, all of whom seemed like very nice people. At least I had a great time at lunch and we talked about how we could benefit each other using our ideas. We exchanged business cards and life stories and the whole table had a good atmosphere.

I think for me, the most important takeaway from the Open Innovation Day was all that I learned, for example, presenting skills, pitching and startup and business world skills, among many others. But of the many things I learned I think the most important was something that funnily enough was a big point in our presentation as well. See, in the presentation we stressed that sustainable choices are for everybody, even us everyday people and that you don’t need to be a superhero to take part in taking action regarding sustainability. The Open Innovation Day showed me that even the people who seem like superheroes, for example the fantastic co-competitors we had, are just normal people after all. So even the superheroes are just normal people, and great things can be achieved by anyone. Sustainability action is not just for superheroes, but I believe that we can all be superheroes. I think my point is best summarised by the PIXAR villain Syndrome from the incredibles: “If everyone’s Super then no-one is”. We are all superheroes.

Veini Simolin.”

Her kan du se videoen fra Open Innovation i Malmø, eller finde en beskrivelse af Innoduels projekt – og her kan du læse om 17 (seventeen), der vandt!

De andre projekter var Roll the Goal, the 2030 Goal Puzzle og SDG Battlefield

The team behind Innoduel Jussi Simolin (not present in Malmø), Omar El Daghar and Veini Simolin, Finland.

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